Listen, Move, Think!

Unlocking the artistic and intellectual talents of children.

Listen, Move, Think!

Add 450 hrs of creative movement.

An authentic approach to introducing your students to the art of dance through creative gross motor movement without leaving your classroom.

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Their brains don’t need a break. Their bodies do!

An approach to gross motor movement that gets their bodies moving in creative ways while their brains imagine a world of possibilities.

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At a glance…

Why this approach will work for you and how it will develop your students’ musical intelligence, kinesthetic/dance intelligence, and cognitive & critical thinking in math, science, and social studies.

Developed for Classroom Professionals

Listen, Move, Think! does not require a formal understanding of music or of creative movement. The scope of the approach is broad enough to be implemented PK-3(4/5) successfully.

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The music that accompanies Listen, Move, Think! was specifically composed to develop the musical intelligence of early childhood and elementary children.

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Laban-Based Movement

Rudolf Laban was an early 20th Century leader in movement studies and dance, and contributed to our current understanding of teaching creative movement. Beginning with Laban’s movement efforts, Listen, Move, Think! develops children’s skills at moving their bodies, creatively.

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Common Core

One of the benefits of Listen, Move, Think! is that it is flexible enough to work hand-in-hand with programs that adhere to the Common Core as well as those programs that do not rely on a strict standards-based curriculum

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It’s All About Communication.

From the well-practiced to the less familiar.

Everyone wants to communicate. Everyone desires to share their thoughts and ideas with others. While adults may engage others in conversations, young children may not be comfortable or well-practiced at using their words. Therefore, Listen, Move, Think! begins where the children are most comfortable, sharing their ideas through movement.

“A finished artistic product is not the end; rather, it beckons us to begin an intelligent conversation.”
~Dr. Mark

Intelligent Conversations

Part of the joy of learning comes to us when we engage others in conversations. Promoting intelligent conversations is a hallmark of Listen, Move, Think!

Small moments

Everyone wants to make a difference and that’s why we journey on this, our chosen path. Like the small stone below, often times, our biggest impact in the lives of others will not be a “grand gesture” but rather the small conversations we have with our students. Listen, Move, Think! provides you a way to engage children in small, yet meaningful, conversations about their ideas that might just make a small difference in their lives, that day.