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Listen, Move, Think!

An effective and stress-free approach to creative movement and music in your classroom. 

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Authentic and pragmatic ways to provide hands-on musical experiences in exploring sound and making cool music.

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An approach to early childhood and elementary music education inspired by Reggio Emilia and Gordon’s Music Learning Theory.

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What is Arts As Context?

An approach to arts integration that puts artistic communication at the center of learning.

Many arts integration programs add arts enrichment at the end of the learning process. Other programs are able to fund weekly pullout programs in dance or visual arts or Suzuki violin or drama. These programs tend to look like a regular elementary school curriculum with lots and lots quality arts added into the mix. The problem with these visions of arts integration, as I see it, is that what goes on inside the classroom looks very similar to every other curriculum, whether its arts based or not.

A different way of approaching the arts

Arts As Context approaches the disciplines of the arts from the following view: Art is a way of communicating one’s thinking to others. In this view, some arts are better at communicating thinking in science and other arts are better at communication thinking in social studies. Not every art is suitable for communicating through movement, for example, and some provide children a more authentic arts experience than others. For example, building a rocket and then asking students to draw a design on the outside is not an authentic approach to visual art. Likewise, singing a piggyback song about the water cycle is not an authentic music experience either.

Let’s face it, one size will not fit all needs

There are no silver bullets. No approach can do it all and one approach will not fit with all professionals’ individual talents.  However, what this approach offers is based on years of classroom experience with a classroom teacher who may or may not have a background in movement or music or art, to name a few.

What’s Been Said…

Comments about Dr. Mark’s approach to music education, arts integration, and STEMusic integration.

“Listen, Move, Think! has opened up a world of possibilities for me to get my students moving creatively throughout the day.”

Ann Johnson
Elementary Professional

“If you’re looking for out-of-the-box ideas that will grab your students’ attention, look here!”

David Kingsland
Elementary Principal

“Dr. Mark’s ideas help us connect with the musician inside every student.”

Jenny Martin
Middle School Principal

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